A lot of people feel the need to go for a 15 minute run or a half hour bike ride in the midst of their busy lives. This is a well-known way to lose weight, beat stress and gain physical strength. The simplest excersize is running it is best done with a timer and

Heat Wave Safety

  Heat Wave Safety   Drink, Drink, Drink water. Staying hydrated is key for hot weather. Don’t eat heavy protein meals as they tend to heat up the body! No alcohol and caffeine as they act as diuretics and cause dehydration. look after elderly people as they are more prone to getting dehydrated. Don’t forget your

Dirty Dozen 2016

Most people that dabble in healthy eating are aware of the dirty dozen however that changed numerous times throughout the years, this article was released lately and i want to bring it to peoples attention, The health and environment watchdog, Environmental Working Group (EWG), has released the eighth edition of its Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides

If you can’t control your emotions, how do you expect to control your wealth? To illustrate my point, imagine that you just lost half your life’s savings from a sharp drop in the stock market. You would likely get emotionally “down” about it. Now imagine that you just won the largest jackpot ever in Las

Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal, which is naturally occurring but ‘Activated’ through heating in the presence of gas, has had many common uses for a very long time.  From ancient times through modern it has been used for such purposes as soothing pain, bilious problems and intestinal disorders. Towards the end of the 20th century activated charcoal has

Midlife Crisis

Mid life crisis can range from  various ages on for approximately 10% of individuals the condition is most common from the ages of 45 through 60 found that the average age at onset of a self-described midlife crisis was 45. Mid-life crises last about 3–10 years in men and 2–5 years in women.s There is